I hesitate to say this…

because I know I’m preaching to the choir…. but as a small or large physician practice, you need more patients today to earn the same living that you did last year. What other profession requires you to work more to earn less than before?? Reimbursement, the economy, electronic medical records, health care reform…it feels overwhelming and out of your control.  Patients have access to an incredible amount of information, much of it conflicting and confusing.  They research their symptoms and medications…they are bombarded with images and real stories that substantiate their worst fears.  The conflicting reports are confusing…they need your expertise to make the answers clear.  Sometimes it feels like you need someone who will listen and help you get clear about what your next steps should be.


Change is a constant in health care…but patients’ expectations have not changed.  The speed of change is accelerating…medical technology, the internet, community dynamics, patient education…speed to action is so important today,  but the options and the information is overwhelming, daunting especially to the small practice owner.  Doesn’t it feel like you have less time, but need to do so much more to grow your practice?

So, where do you start?

How do you attract more patients to your practice?  How do you create more loyalty with your patients…and receive more referrals to your practice? You can start getting your answers with us, and by receiving your…

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