How to Stay in Touch With Your Patients

Nat King Cole sang, “Unforgettable…that’s what you are…” and I don’t know about you, but I wanted to believe that I am truly unforgettable. But, have you asked yourself if you are “unforgettable” to your patients? None of us want to admit the truth, but sometimes we are forgettable.  I know that sounds rough…but, research actually shows that for a patient to keep you in their thoughts, they actually need to “hear” from you at least six times per year.  That’s every other month…I know that is a daunting task to even think about when you are also trying to run your practice.

There is great news though!… there are a number of ways to really effectively Continue reading


Using Newsletters to Grow Your Practice!

Newsletters are a great way to connect with patients regardless of how often you send them out.  They are like most forms of marketing communication with patients  – you have to make them relevant and personal.

The following is some advice that you might consider when evaluating your current newsletter or if you are thinking about adding a newsletter to your marketing plan: Continue reading

5 Truths to Successfully Market Your Practice

Here are some simple truths…if you want to know more details, let’s set up time to talk.

1. It’s all a numbers game. Yes, but…First, do you have all of the patients you want and are you busier than you want to be? If you answer yes to this question, then skip to the second question. Most physicians don’t have enough patients to make even the same amount of money they made last year. But do you really know how many patients you can see each day? That means see in a timely fashion, see and treat with good care, see and listen to… And how many patients can you really see in a day? To be successful, you need to know your numbers, but understanding what the implications are of these numbers will give you the REAL numbers. Continue reading

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