Send a Card!

Through, you can send customized cards in the mail to patients, friends, colleagues, team members and family on a timed “send-out” schedule, or at any impulse! Read on to find out more!

SendOutCards is another way to offer Compassionate Care for your patients.
I think you’ ll agree that it’ s really special to walk to the mailbox, reach for the stack of mail and sort through it finding a card addressed specifically to you…it could be from a friend, a colleague, maybe even your mom. A card with something that makes you smile, celebrates a special event, offers encouragement or shares your sadness or joy. A personal touch that can change someone’s life.
SendOutCards is all about improving lives. It’s a little company that was built on the founder’s driving desire to make sure that we can act immediately on the impulse to reachout to someone, to stay in touch… to show that we care.
Save time, save money, and stay in touch with a simple gesture. SendOutCards prints it, stuffs it and mails it; all for less than a greeting card at the store. You can even add a gift if you’ d like. All within 60 seconds, from the same easy to handle online location.

If you are interested in learning more about how SendOutCards can help you stay in touch with your patients or provide you with another revenue stream, please contact us at

Want to test it out? Click here to send a card today!