Using Newsletters to Grow Your Practice!

Newsletters are a great way to connect with patients regardless of how often you send them out.  They are like most forms of marketing communication with patients  – you have to make them relevant and personal.

The following is some advice that you might consider when evaluating your current newsletter or if you are thinking about adding a newsletter to your marketing plan:

  • Most readers like to “snack” on content.  Your newsletter doesn’t have to be lengthy with a wide variety of content. Actually, a short story or several short news-worthy paragraphs can be just as effective in meeting the needs of your patients.  More frequent communication that is interesting and personal is much more important than writing a novel.
  • Feature patient success stories in your newsletter.  Most people like to read the human interest stories in the newspaper or watch reality television for a reason – it’s the people.  The people and their challenges, their real-life struggles and their successes that capture our hearts and minds.  Just a note…be sure to get their written permission to feature their story in your newsletter.
  • Dry, technical content, while valuable, may not be what your readers want from you.  Instead, so something different like showing  your community spirit.  Highlight you staff and anything that you and your team are doing to support the community.  Photos are a great touch and even adding the website link for your favorite organization will personalize the story and make it real.

For more information or tips on running a newsletter, please contact us here!

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