5 Truths to Successfully Market Your Practice

Here are some simple truths…if you want to know more details, let’s set up time to talk.

1. It’s all a numbers game. Yes, but…First, do you have all of the patients you want and are you busier than you want to be? If you answer yes to this question, then skip to the second question. Most physicians don’t have enough patients to make even the same amount of money they made last year. But do you really know how many patients you can see each day? That means see in a timely fashion, see and treat with good care, see and listen to… And how many patients can you really see in a day? To be successful, you need to know your numbers, but understanding what the implications are of these numbers will give you the REAL numbers.

2. Patient volume is only about the money. The truth is “no money, no mission”…did you get into the business to be rich? Did you put that on your application to medical school? Maybe you thought, above all else, that you could make a good living while you made a difference in people’s lives. Each and every day you have the opportunity to do that. I once worked with a hospital executive team that was lead by a Catholic nun…and she’s the one who told me “no money, no mission.” I learned from her that if there isn’t a basic understanding of finance at all levels of any organization, there isn’t an understanding of how to serve either. Does your staff understand this? Your patients? Do they think that you make a difference? Do they know how you make a difference? How do you know?

3. Branding is important. What is “branding” anyway? It’s knowing who you are and aren’t, what you offer and don’t…it’s not a fancy logo or a new haircut…although those could be components of telling others about who you are. Your brand is what you are known for, what you do every day…how you act, what you believe…and how your entire practice represents that image and set of beliefs. Do you know if how your patients would define your “brand”? Not knowing your “brand” means fewer referrals.

4. Social Media is where the referrals are. Well, yes and no. Social media is sexy, easy to use, and prolific. It’s a convenient way to stay in touch with friend, family, patients and community. It’s a great way to connect to people who like to do the things you like to do. But it’s only a vehicle to convey a message. Do you know who your ideal patients are based on who you are and what you offer as a physician? If you don’t, social media is not the answer to getting more referrals.

5. My office manager is my best marketing resource. This one is easy – how busy is your office manager running your office? And did he/she study marketing in college? Marketing is a science and an art…pretty complex field based on building human relationships through words, images, and a variety of vehicles. It’s only successful if you use it constantly, consistently, often. It’s the truth – it takes at least 6 times for someone to really hear your message. Run the numbers – contacting with your patients at least 6 times requires a lot of work, attention to detail and a variety of vehicles. Some will hit; some will miss. Does your office manager have that kind of time and inclination?

If you’d like to know more about how an integrated and comprehensive marketing plan can help you grow your referrals, let’s set up a time to talk. Click on our “Free Consultation” page to get yours!

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